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Public Demonstrations

Dear Ms. Winter,

I attended your psychic lecture / readings at the Bellmore Memorial Library on April 18, 2016. I am writing to tell you how very much I appreciated your bringing my husband through with a message for me. It was very inspiring and awesome. His message was right on the mark, especially about buying a new car.

Thank you again,
Eleanor D’Angelo

Dear Winter,

Thank you so much for a successful program the other night. Our patrons are still buzzing about it. They all want to know when you will be coming back.

It was very informative and you brought tears to many with your readings. Just for some added drama, the light flickering is something that we will be talking about for years to come! Thanks again.

Angela Capone, Program Director
Merrick Library

Hi Winter,

I want you thank you for the exciting and intriguing visit to our Suffolk Community College’s Urban Explorers Club last week.  The students agreed that you were topnotch in the field of the paranormal.  Your personal manner was engaging, and the discussion along with the “interviews” with those who passed on was exceptionally strong.  We hope to see you here again.

Sincerely yours,
Ed Eriksson, Professor, Dept. of English

Dear Winter,

Thank you so much for giving your time to our event at the Northport Yacht Club. You were fabulous and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You made the evening very special and authentic. Much appreciated!


Barbara Colatosti and the Women's Committee Northport Yacht Club

Psychic & Mediumship Development Classes

Just wanted to give you some feedback on your classes. I loved them!!! Your meditations were beautiful and very powerful. These classes with you represent transcending a feeling of being not good enough and trusting our inner selves. It is soul growth, and what is better than that! Thank you and I am looking forward to our future development in class.

Love & Light, Louella  (Winter session 2016)

I’ve been meaning to write to you…

First I think everyone in your class is super! I don’t feel intimidated and everyone is so gifted and helpful. I love your laid back teaching style and can’t wait for each class. See you next week!

M. E.
(Spring 2015 class)

Taking Winter’s Psychic Mediumship classes was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has helped me in my journey to become who I am , mind body and soul. Winter is a wonderful caring teacher and person and has helped me immensely in developing and embracing my psychic abilities. Her classes are always insightful and filled with the most friendly and caring people , some who I even have formed wonderful friendships with.

Tina M. paranormal investigator

“And while I have you, just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the class. You are an amazing teacher. Nurturing and compassionate. I get so nervous but you never make me feel pressured or judged. And you weren’t kidding-you do attract the most kind and caring people. Love them all. Jaret, Christine and myself are already making plans to practice with each other before class”.

With gratitude,
Allison C. (Fall 2014)

Winter Brooks guided meditation and mediumship development classes were very beneficial to mind and body. Winter’s verbal prompts and guided imagery helped me settle into a deep relaxed state. I enjoy Winter’s instructions on grounding and breathwork . The mediumship development class brought me spiritually closer to my inner self and reach places that previously were not attainable.”

John Cahill RYT- 200 and 50 hr certified meditation teacher

Winter is an incredible mentor and person. She has guided me to awakening my gifts in a deeper way. Her class has been life-changing for me, as I took ownership of experiences that have happened to me throughout my life. For anyone who questions their abilities and the extra senses that they see and feel, definitely take this class. It will awaken you into a deeper sense of understanding and developing your gifts.

-A.M (Fall 2018 & Spring 2019). 

Private Readings

I have experienced your gift, first hand, Winter. Around November 2014, we met at your office; as you generously offered to hang one of my pet potraits in your space. Just 2 weeks before I lost my best friend, Susan, had passed after a long, heroic battle with cancer. Susan was a 6 foot tall lean drink of water. Anyone who knows Winter Brook knows she’s a tiny wirey bit of a thing. But as she was saying goodbye to me at the door; an energy overcame her, she suddenly seemed much taller. She let out an inimitable, unmistakable laugh. ..Susan ‘s laugh. I turned to look at Winter and she said, “You didn’t think you’d go to see a psychic without me, did you? ”

Susan and I loved going to pyschics and having our cards read – something Winter Brook didn’t and couldn’t have known.

Loary Milanese Gunn January 2016

Dear Winter: You are a phenomenal medium when you gave me a reading my Father came through and you talked exactly as my father would talk and told me exactly what and in the way he would when he was alive. Also when a long ago friend of mine came through and you mentioned that he said that he was sending me healing for my back problem, I do feel comforted at times when I am doing strenuous physical activity. You gave me his physical description, mentioned he had many friends and said he told you he thought I was the prettiest to him. That friend had been my former husband’s best friend, and my former husband told me that friend used to rave about me to him before we were married.
Thank you sooooo much you have helped me through knowing that my Father and my friend from long ago, are still with me.

God bless,

Guided Meditations and Healing Circles

I wanted to thank you for the healing circle on Thursday. I always leave there feeling calm and happy and thankful for the experience. I am looking forward to the next one.

Sharyn L.

I have to thank you for how effective the meditation was for me. It increased my intuition again and most of all helped me use my voice that was so well needed. As a healer we forget our tools but as a person and a mother i forget to take care of me as well. Thank you for helping me get that much closer to my personal wellness and reminding me of it all.

Grateful, Michele Curio

Reiki Attunement Classes

I know that the Reiki is helping me and I am so happy that I took the level one. I did Reiki on myself earlier and that really helped me. I had a headache and earache and after the Reiki they were gone. My black cat, Poe, seems to really pick up on the energy too. Of course you can post my comments on taking Reiki with you. I often talk about you, your skill and generosity.

Again, thank you.

Remote Healings

On July 7, 2013 I was injured by a direct blunt blow into my open left eye coming out of a hard spin while dancing. I blacked out, the eye became red and swollen and the lid swelled shut- opening with difficulty. Along with medical evaluation and monitoring, I asked Winter Brook to give me a remote healing, here in Phoenix, Az. The ongoing throbbing pain I had learned to live with over two days eased to minimal while we were on the phone and she worked on me. Wow! The next day, the two friends who were checking on me were surprised that the swelling and eye discoloration had greatly decreased. The next day the ophthalmologist was also surprised to see the improvement in the eye. Thank you so much Winter Brook! I was off work for almost two weeks (as an organ transplant nurse) while light sensitivity resolved – due to blood pooling in the back of the eye. It could have lasted much longer as the doc had predicted 2-4 weeks. I only took a few tylenol for pain following your healing, whereas I had been on it around the clock beforehand. Again, thanks so much. You made an incredible difference.

Maggie Simpson, Phoenix AZ

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