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I am a certified mental medium, ordained Spiritualist minister and Reiki master / teacher. Although I was wide open and active as a young child seeing, hearing and interacting with Spirits, I did not understand they were not like us. They had always just been there. My parents accepted I had “imaginary friends” and spoke of them. Although, I distinctly remember when I was about 4 years of age, wondering why I had to repeat everything they said to my mother instead of her just hearing it the first time when they said it. Like many children, when I reached about 6 years old, my abilities shut down and I completely forgot about them. I grew up to become an attorney, have a daughter, adopt a daughter, become active in humanitarian causes helping those in need, active in my community and a pet lover.

Around 2005, my abilities began to re-open except I did not understand what was happening to me. I had no knowledge of metaphysics, mediumship or psychic matters. I began to ask questions, search the internet, read books and then was guided to attend a Spiritualist church. I began sitting in development classes on Long Island and then traveling to places like Omega Institute and the Arthur Findlay College in England to study with well known international mediums. As a single mother, it became apparent that it would be difficult to run a law practice, a second business, raise my children and continue to develop and work as a medium. So I decided to take a leap of faith and close my law practice in 2008. Of course, Spirit helped in that process with my dead clients walking in during very inconvenient times such as will readings with their families. In 2009, I began to provide professional readings after I had been running a home circle for over two years and had served on the platform of the local churches over a hundred times.

Since I have begun working professionally, I have become certified as a mental medium, ordained as a Spiritualist minister and I continue to further my studies. I demonstrate publicly locally, across the US and abroad.  My active private client practice has me giving sessions at my office or for those unable to come, thru the internet or telephone. I am a recommended presenter for public libraries on Long Island having demonstrated at over 55 libraries.  I presently hosted metaphyiscal internet online streamed shows, Spirit Chat with my colleague, Mari Cartagenova where we discuss spiritual topics and give min readings, once a month. These shows are recorded on my You tube channel. I also do independant shows interviewing professionals in the field that have exciting information to share. television and radio shows. In addition to teaching at my Northport office, I teach online for for several metaphysical schools and organizations such as Lily Dale Assembly and teach mediumship on behalf of a local township who want to offer this type of learning to their residents. From time to time, I give facebook live sessions discussing a topic and then doing readings so follow me on facebook.

I love to connect people with their loved ones in Spirit and I equally love empowering people to develop their own intuitive gifts. I would be delighted and honored to have the opportunity to serve as your medium to connect you with your loved ones and provide loving guidance from your guides to you. I would be honored to serve as your teacher for your own development whether beginner or advanced. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to connect with you soon.

Love, light & joy,

Winter Brook

Education and Background

  • Boston College, B.A., summa cum laude

  • St. John’s University School of Law, Juris Doctorate, cum laude

  • Morris Pratt Course on Spiritualism, Mediumship and Healing

  • Reiki Master / Teacher

  • Studied at Arthur Findlay College, Stansted, England

  • Certified mental medium (ASSMPI)

  • Ordained Spiritualist minister

  • Studied with numerous international mediums considered to be at the top of the field today;

  • Teacher of numerous workshops and programs on various aspects of mediumship;

  • Have made thousands of connections for individuals with those in spirit in both public and private settings;

  • Featured on Fios tv 1 segments entitled “Intuition” & “Be Ever Present”;

  • Former Internet television host and radio show co-host discussing metaphysical topics

  • Contributor to various online websites and newspapers on mediumship and Spirit interaction

  • Guest lecturer and demonstrator of mediumship at various metaphysical organizations, public libraries, colleges and Spiritualist churches locally, across the country and abroad. (Recommended program by a committee of librarians representing all Long Island libraries.)

  • Member of ASSMPI (American Society for Standards in Mediumship & Psychical Research – accredited & certified Mental Medium)

  • Former Director of Rotary International Gift of Life District 7260 – a program providing heart surgeries for children in need

  • Times Beacon Record of Northport Woman of the Year for 2005 for volunteer humanitarian service

  • Rotarian of the Year (2003) & received (2) Paul Harris awards (Rotary’s highest award recognizing service to others)

  • Traveled to Guatemala & Honduras for humanitarian causes

  • Current Member, and past Director of the Northport Chamber of Commerce



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